Memorial Cephalopod

Oh, cool. Barely over a year ago, Jon and I went to Duxbury, MA to get some pictures of a particular tombstone- Ichabod Wiswall, a pastor for Plymouth colony in the 1670s until his death in 1700. We took several pictures, went home, I posted them to Flickr and forgot about them. Then today I got an e-mail from Irving Wiswall, the great-great-great ^nth grandson of Ichabod Wiswall who had seen our pictures. He pointed me to Wiswall Senior-times-infinity’s Wikipedia page and I read that Pastor Wiswall officiated at the burial of John Alden of the Mayflower fame. He also hung out at times with Increase Mather, whom I’ve always liked because of his name and because of his son’s crazy name.

That’s all interesting and nifty, but the only reason we’d headed to Duxbury a year ago to get pictures of Ichabod Wiswall’s grave was because it has an inexplicable Cthulhu on it. I even asked Irving Wiswall what was up with the Cthulhu and he couldn’t tell me.

tombstone 1 tombstone 2

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