Be nice to everybody- just like Jimmy Carter

Upon moving here, I was given this swell book.
Jimmy 1

Ever since it’s been our goal to see everything featured in this book. Seeing these weird roadside attractions in person sometimes make you feel like you’ve traveled into a photo.
Jimmy 2
Jimmy 3

This weekend we visited Jimmy Carter’s hometown of Plains, GA. In addition to the grinning peanut that I’ve added to my “World’s Largest” collection, we found Jimmy Carter’s old high school that was converted into a Jimmy Carter museum. We sat in the high school’s auditorium, watching a film about Jimmy Carter, then we sat in his desk-
Jimmy 4

Then we sat at his other desk.
Jimmy 5

That was all well and good, but there was an unexpected bonus that made my day- a large bulletin board loaded with children’s artwork pertaining to both Jimmy Carter and peanuts! There’s nothing I like more in the world than children’s artwork, other than oversized fiberglass roadside attractions, and this was possibly the best collection I’d ever seen. I took pictures of all the best ones, but every time I thought I was finished, another impossibly awesome peanut-inspired artpiece would reveal itself to me. I couldn’t pick a favorite.

We had the tragically hydrocephalic Jimmy Carter with the caption “Peaceful Peanut President”
Jimmy 7

a vortex of peanuts condensing into a singularity of Jimmy Carter:
Jimmy 8

Our peaceful peanut president operating a peanut-shaped tank of destruction:
Jimmy 9

Jimmy Carter mutating into a peanut himself:
Jimmy 10

A peanut that had apparently fallen into the sewers of New-New York and emerged with horrific mutations:
Jimmy 11

And of course, Napoleon Dynamite’s rendition of Jimmy Carter. 
Jimmy 12
It took the artist an hour to do the shading on his upper lip. Also, Carter seems to have some kind of parasite growing on his shoulder.
A terrific weekend I’d say. You just have to see all these for yourself.
Jimmy 13

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