Twigg’s Giraffe and Banana’s Monkey

Ahhh, is there anything more delightful yet running with a persistent undercurrent of gloom and sub-par treatment of animals than the fair? This was our first trip to the Georgia State Fair, which honestly wasn’t much different than any other fair I’ve ever been to- not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. I like cotton candy, feeding farm animals, and grammatically distressing signs posted everywhere. All of our points of interest at the fair this year involved animals. First there was the petting zoo full of farm animal’s.

We have our goat s and alpacs s:


We have an unusually aggressive pair of dentures:

Unsolicited dietary advice:

And the star of the show, Twigg’s giraffe. Twiggs himself, however, was nowhere to be found.


Our next animal stop was a Flock of Seagulls. Hey, the fair’s admission was ten bucks and we got front row seats. I wish I had a photograph of them. I got one during sound check, but forgot to take pictures during the actual show. It was fun to pretend that Mike Score was actually Hank from Breaking Bad. I hope he hadn’t like, stored all his superpower in his hair in a Samsonite fashion during the 80s.


And finally the Banana Derby. What’s the banana derby? Well, it’s monkeys riding dogs. That’s it. But I was so excited for the show that I got there early to get a spot in front.

It didn’t promise much- just monkeys riding dogs, but it delivered exactly what was promised.




So that’s the Georgia State Fair. I don’t understand how they didn’t serve alcohol at this event- how else can you watch monkeys riding dogs? Still, they had a time machine.


The catch is that while the Gravitron is indeed a time machine, it can only go to 1987. At least that’s what Jon tells me.

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